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Eating Vegetables Now!

New Resolve Hypnosis has changed my life, I have struggled most of my life not wanting to try new foods and hated eating vegetables because of either texture or taste issues, after a few sessions with Bryan Bennett I have opened my mind to accepting new ways of trying different foods and eating vegetables. He has also taught me how to relax before bedtime resulting in sleeping better at night. I also feel he has helped to have a more positive outlook on life.

Anna L., Dallas, TX Oct. 2016

Bryan is a great person to work with. He is compassionate and calm. I have had fabulous results from working with Bryan.

Cecelia W., Dallas, TX; 10/28/2015

Stressed and Confused.

Bryan is very insightful and caring individual. Back in August I was struggling with my direction in life, not knowing what and where to go next, I was feeling confused and stressed. I decided to drive through TX and meet with Bryan. After one hypnosis session with him I felt so good and my mind was cleared, as it turns out all the answers were already inside of me, I just needed someone to help me access them. From then I knew what I was suppose to be doing in life. Today I have a wonderful practice in my profession. He took me from the place of fear and confusion to a place of clarity and confidence. Thumbs up!

Erick S, Lexington KY, May 1, 2015

Nervous About Surgery

"I was nervous about my upcoming knee surgery.  I had a bad reaction to anesthesia with a past surgery and I was very concerned.  After one session with Bryan I was calm and at ease.  We continued working together and it allowed me to get through the surgery and wake up feeling great with zero nausea!  The brace came off sooner than expected and my physical therapist is impressed with my progress and how quickly I am healing."

Tom Morgan, Dallas, TX; 7/14/2014