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Hypnosis for Pain Management

Looking for a completely safe and natural way to feel better?

hypnosis for pain

Hypnosis for pain management...

is safe, natural and an easy way to control pain without the use of drugs. Unlike most prescription pain medications, hypnosis for pain management is not addictive and does not come with harmful side effects. The only side effect is an extraordinary state of relaxation where you'll feel comfortable and at peace.

Utilizing hypnosis for pain management, alongside your doctors treatment has some huge benefits. One of which is the reduction of the need for narcotics and other pain medications. These drugs all seem to come with a variety of potentially dangerous side effects. As we've stated before, the only side effect, of hypnosis, is an extraordinary state of relaxation. It's in this state of relaxation that positive suggestions are given to provide relief by helping you reduce or block pain signals to the brain.

Another big benefit of hypnosis is the reduction of stress and tension. Studies show that increased stress and emotional tension can greatly increase the intensity of pain and hinder your ability to heal. Utilizing hypnosis for pain management helps you reduce the stress and emotional tension that often comes with an injury, the unknown, surgery and chronic pain.


There are many aspects to utilizing hypnosis for pain management.

With hypnosis for pain management you should be able to:

hypnosis for pain management

➢ Become very familiar with the hypnotic process.
➢ Relax in the presence of pain.
➢ Go into hypnosis on your own.
➢ Manage emotional tension surrounding pain.
➢ Recognize and change your reactions to pain.
➢ Reduce pain signals to comfortable levels.

Learning how to use a variety of tools to manage pain through hypnosis will help build self-confidence in controlling pain on your own. Although you should experience some relief in the first session, successfully using hypnosis for pain management is progressive and cumulative and can take several sessions. For the best opportunities for success be sure to find a certified practitioner that is trained in Medical Support Hypnosis.

Now all pain and causes of pain should be evaluated by a doctor before you even think about utilizing hypnosis for relief. Since pain is a signal to your brain that there is something wrong, hypnosis should never be used to mask or reduce pain until it has been thoroughly checked out by a licensed medical professional. Only then should hypnosis be used as a complement to the treatment of your doctor. (See statement at the bottom of this page)

Consider This

Safe and Natural.

Prescription pain medications can have negative side effects, possible health problems and may have a risk of developing an addiction. Hypnosis for pain is safe and natural.

It gets better and better.

Hypnosis for pain management is progressive and cumulative. Several sessions may be necessary to reach the desired effect.

See your doctor first.

Let your doctor know you are considering hypnosis and follow any advice or instructions given by your doctor.

Individual results may vary.

Results may vary from individual to individual. Although most people have similar experiences, everyone is different and therefore results may differ.

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*Individual results may vary.

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