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Hypnosis for Stress Management

Looking for a completely safe and natural way to feel better?  Try using Hypnosis for Stress.

Hypnosis for StressReduce Stress With Hypnosis

Stress is natural and can be beneficial to your health and safety. It serves a much needed function and it's effects can mean the difference between life and death. It is a natural mental and physical reaction that functions to help you deal with tough, sometimes life threatening, situations.

When your brain perceives danger, your body responds by releasing stress hormones. This has been commonly called a "fight or flight" response. These hormones cause changes in your body designed to enable you to fight off danger or run from it.

These changes include:

➢ Breathing rate and glucose production increase.

➢ Heart rate increases and blood vessels constrict in non-vital areas.

➢ Muscles tense up preparing for intense muscular action.1


Hypnosis for Stress

While the body increases the supply of energy and functioning of major muscle groups, the functions in other areas are affected. The effects of stress include:

➢ Suppressing the Digestive System
➢ Inhibiting the Immune System
➢ Suppressing the Reproduction System
➢ Diminish the Ability to Analytically Solve
➢ Suppressing the Growth Processes

There is no lasting effect on these areas if we experience stress for short duration's and the time needed to get ourselves out of danger. But that's not how we are operating in this day and time.



Chronic Stress: The silent killer.

Hypnosis for Stress

The days of dangerous wild animals and defending from neighboring tribes are long gone for most people but the experience of stress is still here...perceived dangers are still around.

Our bodies produce the same physical reactions to stress even though our lives may not be physically in danger. The constant pressures and the overload of daily living in a fast paced society causes a great amount of stress for most people. And for some, this stress seems to be ever present...never ending. Bad things begin to happen when the body experiences chronic stress: chronic stress puts your health at risk.
It has been estimated that 75-90% of office visits to physicians are stress related.3 That's about four patients out of every five.

The good news is that once that threat has passed, hormone levels return to normal; all parts resume their regular activities. When we experience chronic stress however, the fight-or-flight reaction stays turned on. Our bodies are over exposed to stress hormones putting us at risk. This diagram (from Healthline.com) shows some of the effects of stress on the body.

Hypnosis for Stress


Relaxation Response - Balances the Nervous System

It is necessary to bring your body and mind back into a state of balance to stop the effects of stress. You have the ability to actively reset your body processes. This reset is called the Relaxation Response. When the body relaxes the heart rate, breathing and blood pressure return back to stable levels. A relaxed body promotes healing while leaving the mind calm yet focused.

Hypnosis for StressAdditional benefits are:

➢ Increased Energy
➢ Increased Motivation
➢ Increased Focus
➢ Increased Productivity
➢ An Optimized Immune
➢ Increased Problem Solving
➢ Aches and Pains are
Reduced or Relieved




Relaxation -vs- Stress: How To Relax


Hypnosis for Stress

Activating the body's Relaxation Response can be done in many ways including meditation, yoga, visual imagery, progressive muscle relaxation and our favorite hypnosis. In fact, hypnosis often contains elements of progressive muscle relaxation and visual imagery.

An extraordinary state of relaxation is one of the characteristics of hypnosis. When we relax our body through the use of hypnosis, tension just drifts away and the relaxation response is triggered. Simply relaxing with the use of hypnosis, on a regular basis, is a great stress buster and can help reduce the risk of diseases caused by chronic stress*.

Hypnosis for stress has an added benefit that other stress reducing methods don't have. Hypnosis is an excellent way to make positive lifestyle changes that can often naturally reduce the causes of stress that you encounter in your life. This can include eliminating undesirable stress causing habits, improving communication with others and motivation to improve health and physical fitness.

Consider This

Safe and Natural.

Prescription stress medications can have negative side effects and possible health problems. Why not learn a safe and natural way - Reduce Stress with Hypnosis.

It gets better and better.

Hypnosis for stress management is progressive and cumulative. Several sessions should be considered to well adapt to the process and reach the desired effects easily and quickly.

See your doctor first.

Let your doctor know immediately if you are experiencing any of the stress symptoms listed.   Many symptoms of stress can also be signs of other health problems. Before considering hypnosis, be sure your doctor evaluates your symptoms and rules out other conditions.  Let your physician know you are considering hypnosis from a certified practitioner trained in Medical Support Hypnosis and follow any advice or instructions given by your doctor. (See disclaimer below)

Individual results may vary.

Results may vary from individual to individual. Although most people have similar experiences, everyone is different and therefore results may differ.

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Hypnosis for Stress

*Individual Results May Vary

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