*Individual results may vary

Sessions with Bryan at New Resolve was an amazing experience. Very calming, super informative, and he gave me tools that I can apply to many areas of life and situations. The most important thing was he actually cares about your success. I highly recommend visiting him you won’t regret it. -Alonzo Simmons

I have had immediate results with the hypnosis sessions which Barbara provided for me.*  I’m an actor and my goal is to take my acting career to the next level and be wildly successful.  After the first session and listening to my specific audio she made for me, I got a new theatrical manager who will be representing me in both NYC and LA, which I never had before. It has also encouraged me to take major steps toward my career and I have an incredible focus on taking control.  I listen to the audio every night while sleeping and once in the morning.  I believe the mind can create anything.  These sessions and the audio recording are literally reprogramming my thoughts around my acting.*  My thoughts around achieving a successful acting career were doubtful, now I KNOW I will be successful.

NS, Actress, New York, NY

*Individual results may vary.


Weight loss...

I am one of the most skeptical people that you will meet so coming to work with Bryan Bennett at New Resolve Hypnosis was a big stretch. But I am so happy I decided to take a chance on hypnosis as Bryan has really been amazing at helping me cross several obstacles that were keeping me stressed and stalling my weight loss. After just one hypnosis session I was less stressed, more focused on healthy eating habits and had the best sleep I've had in years. I also stop taking my ADHD medication which wasn't a factor that I even asked to be addressed. If you're on the fence and you've never tried hypnosis before I guarantee* you if you give Bryan Bennett a chance you will not regret it, but be glad you did."

Johnna C., Richardson, Texas; 6/29/2016

Lose Weight - Get Fit

I couldn't be happier with my results! I wanted to try hypnosis for years and finally made the decision in October 2016. I wanted to wait to post this review so I could share the journey. I was not significantly overweight but trending "upward" nonetheless. I didn't want to just lose some weight I wanted to become more fit. I have a physically demanding night shift ER nurse job and wanted to better cope with those demands as well.

I was determined to change things in my life but had tried on my own many times unsuccessfully. I believe if you really want something you need to put some money and effort behind it.

I want to encourage you now if you are SERIOUS about whatever change you would like to make in your life to work with Bryan Bennett. You don't just learn how hypnosis really works but you will also learn how to reframe your thoughts that are holding you back. He is excellent at getting you to change perspective and rethink ways to achieve goals.

As of the date of this review I have lost and kept off a solid 10 pounds..can run 1 mile without stopping..just got my first double unders at Crossfit..and my eating is under MY control. Thank you, Bryan..

Kelly S., Rockwall, Texas; 3/17/2017