Lose Weight - Get Fit

I couldn't be happier with my results! I wanted to try hypnosis for years and finally made the decision in October 2016. I wanted to wait to post this review so I could share the journey. I was not significantly overweight but trending "upward" nonetheless. I didn't want to just lose some weight I wanted to become more fit. I have a physically demanding night shift ER nurse job and wanted to better cope with those demands as well.

I was determined to change things in my life but had tried on my own many times unsuccessfully. I believe if you really want something you need to put some money and effort behind it.

I want to encourage you now if you are SERIOUS about whatever change you would like to make in your life to work with Bryan Bennett. You don't just learn how hypnosis really works but you will also learn how to reframe your thoughts that are holding you back. He is excellent at getting you to change perspective and rethink ways to achieve goals.

As of the date of this review I have lost and kept off a solid 10 pounds..can run 1 mile without stopping..just got my first double unders at Crossfit..and my eating is under MY control. Thank you, Bryan..

Kelly S., Rockwall, Texas; 3/17/2017